My name is Frederick Senekal and I was born and raised in the Waterberg district of the well known Limpopo Province. Hunting has been an important part of my family history and it is a sport that I still actively practice today. I completed my Business School studies at the PU for CHE. I’m a keen hunter who holds a dedicated hunter status with the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association. We as ethical hunters are not on a mission to try and destruct our natural resources. We strive to protect, manage and preserve our natural environment in such a way that our descendants will also have the privilege to enjoy it. We only hunt enough for our basic need and consumption. We also drive the sustainability of the game species we hunt through supporting game breeding initiatives and projects. There is nothing more that I love than to be in the outdoors and close to nature. It makes me feel closer to our Creator.

I mostly enjoy hunting problem varmint animals like Jackal, Caracal and Bushpig as they pose to be a big problem on agricultural farms and they are also quite weary and clever. As a result they are very challenging to hunt. For many years I’ve been following my own instincts and methods when hunting these animals. Only to realize a couple of years ago that there are professionals in the field of Jackal and Caracal hunting who are willing to share their professional knowledge and help do this job correctly. In 2008 I met Heinrich Funck and Tewis van Outshoorn who introduced me to the art of correct predator calling in South Africa. Both of them are experts in their respective fields with years of problem animal control experience behind them.

Tewis made a very good impression with the introduction and knowledge of his locally designed and manufactured electronic callers. Heinrich on the other hand brought me closer to how the inside of a Jackal and Caracal’s mind functions, in other words the characteristics and behavior of these animals – why they do the things they do, how and when they do it etc. After receiving professional training from both Heinrich Funck and Tewis van Outshoorn , I started assisting farmers with problem animal control on a part time basis and have being doing so professionally and correctly for the past two years.

Through my experience with hunting varmint animals, I realized that there are certain key equipment that a hunter needs beside the normal hunting rifle and spotlight that one uses to effectively hunt varmint animals. Specialized equipment can make the hunters and farmers life so much easier. It is therefore my aim to use this website and introduce you to the equipment that I designed and manufacture to aid the hunting industry. Both these products have been trailed and tested in South Africa for a couple of years before I was confident enough to comfortably make them available to the agricultural, hunting and tourism market.

The two main products that I’m currently offering are:

Hunting & Shooting Chair


The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Chair - mainly designed for Jackal and Caracal hunting at night but can also be effectively used for other general hunting and shooting. Hunting & Shooting Blind The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting Blind – mainly designed for hunting bushpig at night but can also be used as a bow hunting or eco tourism blind.

Both these products will be discussed in detail with the necessary technical aspects and benefits they offer.

I trust that you will find the products offered by “The Bushpig Hunting and Shooting equipment” beneficial, practical and useful.

Please feel welcome to make contact, for any further enquiries.


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